Sunday, 27 November 2011

Craft Fair

This afternoon I have been selling all the creations I have recently made at a local craft fair. It was really great fun and I had a lot of interest in some of my unique products on sale. Made a good profit too which is always good! Pretty pleased with my efforts today:)


  1. Well done, that is a good 2 hours work! Your stall looks fab! x

  2. Oh Congratulations! Your stall looked wonderful and soooo inviting. Wish I'd been there (but then, there wouldn't have been much left for anyone else!)
    Well done to you, you are very talented!

  3. Have just found your blog but just wanted to say your craft stall looks fab and i LOVE those cupcakes!

    Off to make a cuppa and read through the rest of your blog.

    Rhi x